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We’ve teamed up with Making to bring some fun to Sacred Sheep and beyond! 

There is something for everyone–including those who can’t make it! So make sure you have the Making app downloaded and your profile all set up and ready to go. (More on how below!)


At the festival:

🧶Not only will you be able to access the vendor map and meet up schedule but Making has put together a Sacred Sheep Scavenger Hunt! It’ll bring you all around the festival and hopefully help you meet a new fiber friend for two! 

On top of that, with every photo snapped and posted in the Making app, you’ll be entered to win an amazing Ritual Dyes gift card but also 2 VIP tix to Sacred Sheep 2024! 🤩🤩🤩

🧶Need to Zhuzh up your project bag? Swing by the Making table and put our button makers to use. 😎 

🧶Making will be interviewing vendors and recording some set up BTS which will lead us to….


AFTER the festival! 

For those who can’t attend or just want to keep the party going…

🧶Vendor and Arist interviews will be posted in the Making app under Events!

🧶Making also be creating some Making Conversation podcast episodes! Subscribe and follow Making’s podcast Making Conversation: Watch here. Listen here.

How to get in on the fun:

Download the Making app, sign up for an account, and set up yor profile! You’ll find the banners that link to the scavenger hunt, vendor maps, etc on the Discover page during the festival.


What else can you do in the Making app? Add to your Profile, post to the Feed, track projects in your Studio, enjoy browsing the Marketplace, and more! The Making Marketplace is still in beta and designers can sell PDF patterns but we will be expanding it in the next few weeks so you’ll be able to shop or sell supplies and finished good in just a few weeks! More info about what’s coming


See you at the festival and/or see you in the Making app!